JIN of BTS greeted his fans as April arrived. On the 13th, JIN posted a video titled “[Seokjin of n Month]” on the official YouTube channel of BTS.
In the video, JIN said, "Seokjin came to visit. You must be happy."
He then showed off his cute charm by posing with his hands over his face. He continued, "April is a month of change and I have a hard time. If you have allergies, please take your medicine properly.
"For those who don't have allergies, cherry blossom viewing is the best option. I hear it's a lot of fun, but I've never done it," she began.
And he said, "I feel good because I'm in front of the flowers again.
"It's not long until you can meet me. I'll grow my hair out quickly and appear before you all in a great outfit. I'll appear saying, 'Everyone, the flower-like Seokjin has arrived.'"
I'm in December now and it's cold, but you're in April and it may still be a little cold, so please be careful and have fun. I hope to see you soon.
I tied the leaves.

By chunchun 2024/04/14 16:38 KST