Tzuyu from the group "TWICE" showed off her flower beauty. On the 13th, Tzuyu posted on her Instagram, "I had fun arranging flowers with Dahyun unnie.
"Who's the flower?" she wrote in her post along with a few photos. In the photos, TZUYU is arranging flowers together with Dahyun.
TZUYU's gorgeous and adorable beauty is catching everyone's attention as she poses with flowers in the background. Fans who saw the post commented, "Who's the flower? TZUYU and Dahyun?
Comments included, "Oh my!", "OMG!", and "A flower angel and a flower princess in their kingdom."
Meanwhile, TWICE will begin their world tour "READY TO GO" in Japan on July 16th.
BE" special performance is coming up.
By minmin 2024/04/14 21:55 KST