Following the divorce of Choi Min Hwan of the band FTISLAND from YULHEE of LABOUM, Min Hwan's mother shed tears thinking of her son.
On the 14th, KBS 2TV's "Superman Returns" depicted MIN HWAN's daily life raising his three siblings.
MIN HWAN married YULHEE in 2018, but announced the news of their divorce in December of last year. After divorcing YULHEE, MIN HWAN is currently living with his son Jaeyul.
He is raising his two daughters, Ah-yoon and Ah-rin, on his own. On this day's broadcast, Min Hwan's mother visited her son's house to help her grandson bathe. Min Hwan was asked by his mother's mother if he could help her bathe her grandson.
In an interview afterwards, Min Hwan said, "I couldn't even imagine raising three children without my mother.
I think. I am always grateful and I love you," he said, expressing his gratitude to his mother. His mother said, "Something bad happened, and it was hard for me to calm down.
"I found out after I had already sorted out all the details of the divorce," he said, revealing that he had been notified of the divorce by Min Hwan and Yulhee. He continued, "I went to see their performance recently, and they were really cool on stage.
"When I saw my son, I couldn't help but feel heartbroken. My son, who had never made his parents suffer, got divorced. That alone broke my heart," she confessed.
After watching his mother's interview in the studio, Min Hwan said, "I don't usually talk much about what's on my mind. I also wanted to be a good son, so I was willing to endure hardships.
"She doesn't usually talk about difficult things. Looking at my mother makes me think that I need to live my life more properly."
The MC suggested that MIN HWAN leave a video letter for his mother.
MIN HWAN said, "If I were to express these feelings, I would probably cry, so I couldn't do it often. I'm very grateful and sorry. I'm grateful that you love my children so much."
I will continue to work hard," she said, shedding tears.

By chunchun 2024/04/16 00:07 KST