An offline pop-up with a unique concept that visits the important moments of the group "BTS" and ARMY (official fan club name) will be held from April 26th to May 12th.
The event will be held in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul until the 17th. On the 17th, "BTS" official SNS posted, "BTS
A poster was posted with the dates and location of "POP-UP: MONOCHROME".
A never-before-seen photo of the BTS group taken before the members enlisted in the military
The photo is eye-catching. Another poster features a box with the word "MONOCHROME" written on it passing by on a conveyer belt, stimulating fans' curiosity.
I was excited. The pop-up concept of delivering memories of BTS to fans all over the world is interesting.
In this pop-up, ARMY and BTS' precious memories are made of clouds and stored in a bottle.
The motif is the "Cloud of Memory" in the setting. The "Cloud of Memory" was featured in the "BTS 4TH MUSTER -
It first appeared in "Happy Ever After." One of the "clouds of memory" in storage is "MONOCHROME."
The monochrome photos released this time are part of the "memory cloud" that BTS has prepared for ARMY.
On the 15th, the "Cloud of Memory" will be delivered to ARMYs via a logistics tracking webpage.
A virtual experience-based homepage created with the design (https://www.mnc was launched. When you input the shipping slip number by guessing it on the first screen of the homepage, the “BTS
If you successfully enter the shipping slip code, you can apply for inspection, issue coupons, and perform other "records"
A series of processes will take place until "Cloud of Memories" is delivered. Through ARMY's active participation, various contents and spaces will be connected into one story and completed.
Visit the offline pop-up to pick up your "cloud of memories" and enjoy a variety of fun activities, including an exhibition of unreleased portraits of "BTS" and on-site events.
This offline pop-up is a journey of ARMY searching for the "clouds of memories" that have been stored for a long time.
This is the finale event for the "BTS MONOCHROME" project.
Since the announcement of the "POP-UP: MONOCHROME" event, fans have become even more interested in the pop-up.
We plan to release content that can be enjoyed in a tasteful way.

By minmin 2024/04/17 16:25 KST