The variety show "Famous Singers and Street Judges" will feature a street performance in Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, which is close to Jirisan Mountain.
The JTBC variety show "Famous Singers and Street Judges," which will be broadcast in Korea from 10:30 pm on the 24th, will be based on the fourth street performance in Hamyang.
"Sing Again 3" TOP 7 (Hong Isak, Seo Soo Bin, EJel, Shin Hae Sol, Leejean, Kang Sung Hee, Joo Seung Yeop)
) will be performing on the street, with special guest Lim Jisoo from TOP10 joining them. MC Lee Seung Gi,
JUNIOR's Kyuhyun was the leader and the two teams, Lee Seung Gi team and Kyuhyun team, were divided into two groups.
To find the inspectors, they headed to Hamyang First High School and Hamyang County Office. As soon as Lee Seung Gi's team arrived at the school, they were greeted by the enthusiastic cheers of the students, reminiscent of a fan meeting.
The students were warmly welcomed. They showed off their dancing and singing skills to become street judges, and even competed for the position of judge. Kyuhyun's team headed to the Hamyang County Office, but they were also greeted by a large crowd of people.
To the cheers of the crowd, they set off to find the street judges. In particular, the ambitious civil servants from Hamyang County Office, who had been recommended by their colleagues, unleashed their hidden talents, starting with dancing and singing.
They even expanded the talk with a sense of variety. In the Hamyang street live, the team leaders Lee Seung Gi and Kyuhyun will once again face off in singing.
Following their street performance in Seoul, Kyuhyun's team continued their winning streak in Chuncheon, so the team leader Lee Seung Gi directly
This time, Lee Seung Gi and Kyuhyun will be performing on the street with their solo stages.

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