Tae Yeon of the group "NCT" has been revealed at the training camp. On the 24th, the Republic of Korea Navy's official Instagram posted a video of the 702nd class of naval soldiers' enlistment ceremony at the training camp.
In the video, Tae Yeon is wearing a blue armband with the words "2nd Battalion Recruit Platoon Leader Trainee" written on it. He is taking the oath and saluting with a proper posture.
Although his face is hidden by a black mask, his dignified appearance is eye-catching. Tae Yeon enlisted in the Navy on the 15th.
He is the first member of NCT to enlist.
After completing five weeks of training at the training center, they will continue their service as naval personnel.
Tae Yeon's scheduled discharge date is December 14, 2025.

By minmin 2024/04/25 09:11 KST