Actor GongYoo's recent status was revealed, garnering attention from fans. On the 26th, GongYoo posted a photo on his Instagram without any comment.
In the released photos, GongYoo appears to be shooting an advertisement in a studio. He is wearing all black under intense red lighting.
Showing his fashion sense, in the next photo he is seen wearing a white shirt.
GongYoo's striking visuals caught the attention of viewers. Fans who saw the post commented, "You're looking great today too TT," "I love you," and "I really, really miss you."
"," "Thank you for the photo," "I'm cheering for you today too," and other comments were posted. Meanwhile, GongYoo is appearing in the Netflix original series "Squid Game
Season 2 is scheduled to be released soon.
By minmin 2024/04/26 21:27 KST