Actor Byeon WooSeok, who has been captivating viewers every day with "Run with Sungjae on Your Back", will be appearing on singer and actress HYERI's (Girl's Day) YouTube content "Hell's
On the 11th, HYERI posted a photo on her Instagram Stories about actor Byeon WooSeok with the message, "Ask me anything."
Among the published photos, a collage of photos showcasing Byeon WooSeok's diverse charms has drawn the attention of fans.
HYERI and Byeon WooSeok developed a strong friendship while co-starring in the TV series "Flowers Bloom, Remember the Moon," which aired in Korea in December 2021.
Anticipation is building as to how HYERI will respond to Byeon WooSeok, who has returned with greater recognition.
Meanwhile, Byeon WooSeok is starring in the TV series "Run with Sungjae on Your Back," which tells the story of the moment you give up on life and start living for yourself.
The drama is a time-slip rescue romance in which Lim Sol (Kim Hye Yoon) tries to save Ryu Seong-jae (Byeon WooSeok), a famous artist who helped her out, and airs every Monday and Tuesday at noon in Korea.
It is currently being broadcast from 8:50 p.m. In Japan, it is being streamed exclusively on U-NEXT.

By minmin 2024/05/12 11:11 KST