Actor Jo Dal-hwan revealed his true feelings about the romance of the countryside house in Yangpyeong.
"I Am My Destiny" depicts Kang Jaejung, who dreams of a rural life, and Lee Eunyoung, who is desperately against it.
He began to persuade Lee Eun-young by revealing his house, which boasts a magnificent view of the city. Jo Dal-hwan, who appeared on the show that day, had never shown anywhere else, including his garden house in Yangpyeong, which boasts a scale that is second to none.
He revealed his hideout and became the envy of Kang Jaejung. Kang Jaejung even said, "I want to live here right now." In fact, Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO) and BTS (Bangtan)
Kang Jaejung was so charmed by the perfect countryside house that even the members of the Boy Scouts came to visit, which brought laughter to the viewers. Jo Dal-hwan even grilled and served shellfish himself, which made Lee Eun-young laugh.
But this was short-lived, and she surprised everyone by revealing her true feelings: "I want to live in a place where I can get chicken and jajjajangmyeon delivered."
The daily routine of having to do this continued, and he began to suffer from "country depression." He said, "Inviting guests is a big deal. I wish neither Cha Eun Woo nor BTS would come. Above all, I feel sorry for my wife."
"Let's exchange our house for Seoul's house," he said, expressing his romantic feelings about life in Seoul. In response, Lee Eun-young said, "I'm sorry to say this is our first meeting, but are you a con artist?"
It made me laugh.

By chunchun 2024/05/14 23:51 KST