JIMIN from the group BTS came in first in the list of "stars who are most likely to listen to their teachers when they were students."
JIMIN will be working on the online math education company SEVEN
EDU conducted a survey of 1,227 people and he was chosen as the number one star (434 people, 35.4%) who is most likely to listen to his teacher when he was a student.
JIMIN, who was chosen as number one, entered Busan Arts High School, a school famous for attracting talented people, at the top of his class.
It became a hot topic that JIMIN was the first person from the dance department to take first place overall.
He is the main vocalist and dancer of BTS. He has a unique voice with an androgynous feel, as well as a sensual groove and delicate performance ability.
Regarding Jimin's selection as No. 1, SEVEN EDU said, "He has the title of world star, but he always has a polite and respectful attitude."
Following JIMIN in first place was actor Kim Soo Hyun (274 people, 22.3%), and in third place was actor Park BoGum (251 people, 20.5%).

By minmin 2024/05/15 23:42 KST