"ASTRO" Cha EUN WOO greeted with a refreshing look. Fantagio posted on the 18th on their official SNS, "What are you doing today? : #Cha EUN WOO The North Face
I met Cha EUN WOO at the TNF100 event in Gangneung. He was as refreshing as the blue sky and showed us a more refreshing day today.
Let's continue to create beautiful days together with Cha EUN WOO," along with a number of photos. In the photos, Cha EUN WOO is seen holding up his name tag.
He exudes a refreshing charm in sportswear. Internet users who saw this commented, "I wonder how many kilometers EUN WOO ran? I wish I could have run with him.
Responses included, "Thank you for your hard work," "So adorable," "You did a great job!" and "What were you doing? I was thinking about EUN WOO."
Meanwhile, Cha EUN WOO participated in The North Face Trail Running Grand Prix on the same day.
EUN WOO will also be taking part in the fan convention tour "2024 Just Dance" in two South American countries, Brazil on June 1st and Mexico on June 5th.
I plan to continue with "One 10 Minute [Mystery Elevator]".

By chunchun 2024/05/19 15:00 KST