Singer ZICO (Block B) has won the No. 1 trophy on "SBS Inkigayo" for the second consecutive week on "SPOT!"
On the 19th, SBS Inkigayo aired in Korea and announced that ZICO's "SPOT! (feat.
Among the other songs that made the list were "Yoo Yeong-soo (. JENNIE)," "IVE's "HEYA," and "BABYMONSTER's "SHEESH," ZICO took the top spot.
"SPOT!" is a song released this year by ZICO, celebrating the 10th anniversary of his solo debut.
JENNIE from the girl group BLACKPINK has collected Hot Topic by participating in a featured song.
"SPOT!" is gaining popularity worldwide with its dance challenges being loved by various short-form platforms.
Meanwhile, on "SBS Inkigayo" that day, KIM JAE HWAN, "NOWADAYS", "DXMON
","The KingDom,","IVE,","ASC2NT,","aespa,","82MAJOR,","Xdinary
Heroes", "E'LAST", "YOUNITE", Yoo Dayeon, "ZERO BASE ONE", "tripleS", "TIOT", "TO
Z," "FANTASY BOYS," and "WHIB" appeared.

By minmin 2024/05/19 17:47 KST