Actors Byeon WooSeok and Kim HyeYoon will enjoy a fairy-tale-like theme park date. The production staff of tvN's Monday-Tuesday TV series "Run with Sungjae on Your Back" announced on the 20th that
Ahead of the broadcast of EP13, stills cuts of Ryu Sung-jae (Byeon WooSeok) and Lim Sol (Kim Hye Yoon)'s "last happy date before breaking up" have been released.
In the stills cut, Ryu Sung-jae and Im Sol enjoy a date at an amusement park. Ryu Seol is alone with her to celebrate Im Sol's birthday.
Im Sol looks very happy as she spends time with Njae. The two then take photos of each other in front of the carousel and make a couple's peace sign with their fingers for a confirmation photo.
The image of Ryu Seong-jae and Lim Sol riding the carousel is like a fairy tale, and the two generals are leaving an unforgettable memory on Lim Sol's birthday.
We are all curious to see what the Flower Road will be like in the future. Meanwhile, in the previous episode, Im Sol protects her beloved Ryu Seong Jae from the serial killer Kim Yeong Soo (Heo Hyun Gyu).
In response to this, the production staff said, "In today's (20th) broadcast, Sungjae and Sol-kappu will be protecting each other in their own way.
"The story will portray the pure and heartrending love between Sungjae and Sol, who only have eyes for each other, and I hope you will watch to see if the two can change the future once again with the power of love."
The TV series "Run with Sungjae on Your Back" airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM in Korea.

By minmin 2024/05/20 11:05 KST