ONEUS has released a choreography video for their new song, which is full of intense energy. On the 23rd of this month, ONEUS's official YouTube channel released the choreography video for their digital single "Now (Original)".
In the video, ONEUS appears in sporty casual clothes and performs the choreography for their new song "Now (Original by Fin.KL)".
The five members are performing a powerful performance to the song "Fin.KL". While paying homage to the key choreography of the original song, they also created a powerful energy unique to ONEUS.
They completed a rich performance with dynamic movements that were full of energy. They gave a sense of pleasure with their group dance (dancing in a group with excellent sharpness) that was synchronized even to the footsteps, and kicked
With highly difficult movements such as these, she is also known as the "fourth generation representative performer."
"Fin.KL" is the first remake song that ONEUS has performed since their debut, and the original is Fin.KL's mega-hit "Now" released in 2000.
The rhythmic melody of the original song has been given a trendy arrangement to maximize its hip appeal. The choreography was created by dance crew "HOOK" led by dancer AIKI.
Meanwhile, ONEUS will be releasing their new song "Now" on KBS 2TV's "Music Bank" broadcast at 5:10 pm on the 24th.
(Original by Fin.KL)" will be making its comeback stage.

By Corin 2024/05/24 12:07 KST