2PM member Lee Junho showed off his diverse charms. On the 24th, Junho posted on his Instagram, "Weekend + Lotte Duty Free + Lee Junho = Just Happiness
MAX," he wrote. In the photo, Junho is seen looking at the camera in an all-black outfit.
In the photos, JUNHO delights viewers with his diverse expressions and poses.
Netizens who saw this commented, "JUNHO, thank you. I missed you.
I love it." "It was really wonderful!! Thank you so much for the live broadcast. Lee JUNHO is the best." "JUNHO, I was also super happy!" "Thank you JUNHO. There was also an Instagram live.
Meanwhile, JUNHO was at the "LOTTE DUTY" event held at Donghae Cultural Center in Kwangwoon University today (26th).
FREE FAN EVENT with LEE JUNHO. JUNHO has also confirmed that his next project will be the Netflix series "CASHERO."
"RO" is an ordinary story about an ordinary civil servant, Kang Sang-eun (JUNHO), who acquires the supernatural power of becoming stronger according to the amount of cash he has in his hands, and decides to use his entire salary to save the world.
This is the story of super heroes.

By chunchun 2024/05/26 23:45 KST