Yunho of TVXQ reposted a photo of himself and YOSHIKI. On the 27th, Yunho posted on his Instagram
Stories: "It was fun," "It was an honor to work with such wonderful people. Thank you to everyone.
Bravo," he commented in both Japanese and Korean and posted a photo. The photo was taken during the Nippon Television program "THE DANCE" broadcast on the 27th in Japan.
The photo shows Yunho taking a photo with YOSHIKI and Nakasone Rino, who appeared with him as judges on "DAY."
Yunho appeared as a judge on "THE DANCE DAY" which aired on this day.
On the other hand, the dance contest "THE DANCE" sponsored by Nippon Television
"DAY" is a competition that invites dancers from all over Japan, regardless of genre or whether they are professional or amateur, with the rule that "the winner is the one who entertains the audience."
It is a competitive dance festival.
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