2PM's Lee Junho showed off his cute charm. On the 27th, Junho posted a photo on his Instagram with the caption, "I wish it wasn't so hot."
In the photo, JUNHO is seen making peace signs with both hands and holding them up next to his face. JUNHO is wearing an all-black outfit with silver accessories to create a stylish look.
The tiles are done. In another photo, she shows off a chic and serene atmosphere, exuding boundless charm.
Internet users who saw this commented, "What are JUNHO's plans for summer?!"
I'm glad JUNHO is happy. I'm waiting for you in Japan," "I wish I wasn't so hot, so that JUNHO isn't so hot," "Even when he's hot, he's still a handsome guy," and other comments.
Meanwhile, JUNHO was at the "LOTTE DUTY FREE FAN EVENT with
LEE JUNHO. Junho has also confirmed that he will be appearing in the Netflix series "CASHERO" next. "CASHERO" is as powerful as the cash he has in his hands.
This is a story about ordinary superheroes, depicting the story of Kang Sang-eun (JUNHO), an ordinary civil servant who acquires the supernatural power of becoming, and uses his entire salary to save the world.

By chunchun 2024/05/28 00:07 KST