Actor Byeon WooSeok's screen debut "Seoul Mate" will be coming back to audiences. CJ CGV announced on the 29th, "tvN's Monday-Tuesday TV series "Sungjae Carrying His Back" which ended its run on the 28th will be broadcast on the 29th.
"The film 'Seoul Mate', starring Byeon WooSeok, who received a lot of love from 'Run!', will be screened again from the 31st."
"Seoul Mate," which was released in Korea in March last year, is about two people who get to know each other from the moment they first meet.
The story depicts the story of two friends, Kim Da Mi, Somi, and Byeon WooSeok, who share everything from joy, sorrow, excitement, and longing.
Byeon WooSeok, who recently played the lead role of Ryu Seong-jae in the TV series "Run With Seong-jae on Your Back," is enjoying his best period since his debut.
Buoyed by Byeon WooSeok's immense popularity, it has been confirmed that the film "Seoul Mate" will be screened again.
He played the role of JIN WOO, a straightforward and pure-hearted character, and captivated the audience with a different side to his role as Ryu Sung-jae in "Run with Sung-jae on Your Back."
CJ CGV's Jung Jong Hyun, head of the content planning team, said, "There are many viewers who want to see Byeon Woo Seok's screen debut in the theater, so we are holding a special screening.
"Encouraged by its popularity, some theaters have already sold out, and the response has been so enthusiastic that we have expanded the number of theaters where the film will be shown, so we ask for your continued support."
Meanwhile, the film "Seoul Mate" is a new adaptation of the Sino-Hong Kong co-production "Seoul Mate/July and Ansheng," with the setting moved to Cheju Island in Korea.
This is a heartbreaking yet warm-hearted story of friendship that depicts the misunderstandings and bonds between two girls who have been best friends since childhood.

By minmin 2024/05/29 12:13 KST