The group ATEEZ appeared on the popular NBC talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show.
Show) and made a huge impact.
ATEEZ appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show, which aired on the 10th (local time),
They performed the title song "WORK" from their recently released 10th mini album "GOLDEN HOUR: Part.1."
Previously, it was announced that ATEEZ would be appearing on the show, which caused a stir online.
In particular, "The Kelly Clarkson Show" is the most prestigious television awards ceremony in the American television industry.
It is a popular show that has won multiple Emmy Awards, and was highly anticipated by fans around the world.
On this day, ATEEZ, who captivated the audience with their sophisticated visuals,
With expressions that matched the lyrics of the song "WORK," they delivered a professional stage performance, leaving a strong impression with their perfect dancing and singing abilities.
Furthermore, they performed a perfect performance with attention to detail from gestures to choreography,
Meanwhile, ATEEZ has been performing at famous overseas music festivals such as MAWAZINE and SUMMER SONIC
Not only will they be holding their world tour "TOWARDS THE LIGHT: WILL TO 2024" in July, but they will also be holding their world tour "TOWARDS THE LIGHT: WILL TO 2024" in July.
We plan to meet our North American fans through "POWER".

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