Actor Kim Kyung Nam's new profile has been released. On the 13th, management office King Kong by
STARSHIP has released several profile photos of actor Kim Kyung Nam.
In the released photos, Kim Kyung Nam is drawing attention with his diverse charms. He exudes charisma with his dandy visuals and deep gaze as he stares into the camera.
He exudes power. Moreover, the black outfit enhances Kim Kyung Nam's chic look. In the next photo, he exudes a casual vibe in a black denim jacket.
Kim Kyung Nam is not only perfectly dressed in a black suit, but also exudes an urban mood with his pomaded hairstyle.
Kim Kyung Nam is said to have been trying out various concepts on set and taking an active role in the filming. Kim Kyung Nam plays Won Hyun, vice chairman of the Keum Hyun Group, in the SBS Fri-Sat TV series "Connection."
Kim Kyung-young is playing the role of Jong-soo. He is obsessed with success, but is filled with jealousy and inferiority complex in his heart. He delicately expresses the emotional lines of the character and shows off his powerful acting.
Nam has recently signed an exclusive contract with Kiking Kong by STARSHIP, teasing his active activities and raising expectations even further.

By Corin 2024/06/13 11:53 KST