The hats and T-shirts worn by BTS' JIN sold out in no time, once again proving his immense popularity and power.
On the 15th, the Instagram of the members of "BTS" posted a heartwarming photo of all seven members gathered to welcome JIN's discharge.
The real photo was released. In the photo, JIN is smiling while wearing a denim ball cap and a white T-shirt with a heart spring on it. The EMIS hats sold out in just a few minutes.
The sale ended and the T-shirts of CHANCECHANCE products were also sold out, proving JIN's overwhelming influence. JIN is well-known as the "Sword Out King", so he is still in the same position as before he enlisted.
Even after he enlists in the military in December 2022, the special "JIN effect" continues to be realized as not only the promotional products but also the fashion products he wears, food and drink, and other related products are selling out at a super-fast rate.
According to the food industry, the Korean ramen market is booming due to the Academy Award for the 2020 movie "Parasite" and JIN's role as an advertising model for Ottogi's Jin Ramen.
It was analyzed that exports of noodles have shown a significant increase. Last year, Ottogi recorded record highs in both sales and operating profits for its main products, including ramen, prepared foods, and sauces.
Not only during his active period, but also for fans, JIN will be releasing the content "Seokjin of n Months" that he prepared before enlisting and released during his military service, as well as the items he wore or used during his vacation.
The handy fans used at A's concerts were all sold out, proving the effectiveness of JIN, a representative global superstar.
Meanwhile, JIN will be performing on June 13th, the day after the discharge and the last day of FESTA.
JIN, who is called the "god of beauty" and "visual king", held "Seokjin, Sunny Weather on June 13, 2024" at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.
He thrilled the fans with his live performance and communication, and showed his true fan-loving side throughout the event, presenting bouquets of flowers to all 4,000 fans who attended.
Fans flocked to flower preservation companies across the country to preserve the flowers they had given to JIN for a long time, and the flower preservation industry also realized JIN's great influence.
JIN also ranked first in the June boy group individual brand reputation rankings announced on the 15th, shortly after his release, proving that he is the "return of the king."
With his versatility and talent, JIN is garnering attention and expectations from all over the world with his activities in singing, acting, commercials, variety shows, and more.

By chunchun 2024/06/17 23:58 KST