Actor Yoo Seung Ho will be appearing on stage for the first time since his debut. On the 19th, YG Entertainment announced that Yoo Seung Ho will be playing the lead role in the play "Angels in America."
He has confirmed his role as Duke Prior Walter and will be meeting audiences soon. The play "Angels in America" is set in the 1980s in America and deals with the conflicts of race, politics, religion, and sexual orientation.
The play, which depicts the lives of people who live with repressed desires in a society where hatred and prejudice are rampant, has been performed for over 30 years since its premiere in 1991.
Yoo Seung Ho plays Pryor, a man who falls ill and is separated from his girlfriend, wandering the streets, with only a short time left to live.
Yoo Seung Ho will portray the heartbreaking character of Prior, who fights between reality and fantasy to protect his love amid his worsening illness.
In order to realistically portray a sexual minority character who clashes with the social norms of the end of the century and feels guilty, but who still retains dignity and sensibilities,
Heo will be attempting a bold transformation of not only his inner self but also his outer self. Yoo Seung Ho is expanding his field of activities by taking on acting for the first time since his debut, and is teasing viewers with his unprecedented transformation, garnering attention.
Yoo Seung Ho said, "I was attracted to the character because of his honest and unique personality, and decided to try my hand at acting for the first time. The character is a priority who tries to prove himself even when he is not visible, for the sake of life and love.
"I am currently trying to become closer to everyone," he said, "and I will do my best to prepare so that I can give new energy to the audience on stage."
Yoo Seung Ho has demonstrated his outstanding ability to embody characters and his diverse acting spectrum by moving between genres in various works. How will he captivate audiences on the stage?
The play "Angels in America" will run from August 6 to September 28 at the LG Arts Center, LG SIGNATURE
HallYou can meet.

By Corin 2024/06/19 10:47 KST