The band DAY6, together with their management office JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP), supported the dreams of children suffering from serious illnesses in Korea.
In June 2019, JYP signed a memorandum of understanding with Make-A-Wish Korea to provide emotional support to children with serious illnesses and cultivate hope.
The group has been carrying on the SR project "EDM (Every Dream Matters!: all dreams in the world are important)" (hereinafter referred to as EDM).
Recently, a sick child in Korea expressed his wish to meet the members of DAY6, and the members responded by spending a special time with him.
Lee Gun-woo (7 years old) was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last year and is currently undergoing treatment. "Wish Kid" Lee Gun-woo has been writing "D
He said that he loves DAY6 so much that he gets energy from listening to their music and changes his mood.
I was very disappointed that I couldn't go to "DAY6 to THE SHOW" and my wish to meet "DAY6" was fulfilled through Make-A-Wish.
Through Korea, the news reached JYP and that's how I met DAY6.
DAY6 held a special mini concert where Gonu sang his favorite songs.
Additionally, together with Gonu, who is interested in musical instruments, we had the opportunity to play some of the instruments that the members actually use and teach them about any points that they found interesting.
In addition to taking commemorative photos on Wish Day, you can also receive a signed album and T-shirt.
They also gave each other shirts as gifts, and Wonpil especially showed his kindness by giving Gunnu his own instrument so that he could steadily practice the keyboard.
Gunnu said, "I was so happy that I could spend an hour with the DAY6 hyungs that I missed so much.
I'm grateful that they gave me the piano (keyboard) that I wanted, and I'll practice hard and become a great person like my older brothers," he said.
Gunnu's mother said, "I think today will be remembered as 'Best Part' just like the name of the 'DAY6' song.
Thank you to JYP and Make-Up for leaving an incredible page in my child's life.
We would like to thank A-Wish Korea." DAY6 expressed their gratitude by saying, "We hope that when you look back on it in the future, the time you spent with us will remain as fond memories.
I hope that Gunnu grows up to be a bright and carefree person, and I hope that he will definitely become healthy and that I will be able to see him again at one of our concerts.
I practiced a lot with the keyboard (that Wonpil gave me) and it was a great instrument.
I hope he achieves his dream of becoming a silkworm." Meanwhile, DAY6 will be holding a silkworm festival in Jamsil, Songpa-gu, Seoul in April.
The solo concert "DAY6 Concert" was held at the indoor gymnasium in Tokyo, attracting a total of 34,000 spectators, and was a great success.
The third Official Fan Meeting "DAY6
We held the "3rd Fan Meeting I Need My Day" and created memories with our fans.

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