In both Japan and Korea, when it comes to "female comedians," many of them can't even be described as cute (sorry) and are the kind of characters that everyone picks on!
However, did you know that recently there is a comedian in the Korean comedy world who is becoming a hot topic for being "too cute"?
Her name is Maeng Seung-ji, and she has the looks to be an idol herself, as well as flawless proportions.
She has a voluptuous bust and an S-line that women long for! She seems like she could make it as a model! Every time she posts a selfie on social media,
She was recently featured on Hot Topic with comments such as "cute". However, is her straightforward image something only a comedian can have? She has publicly announced that she currently weighs 55kg, and has also appeared in articles such as "Nare-nee-san makes samgyeopsal".
"Because you treated me," she confessed, showing just how much of a comedian she really is. Maeng Seung-ji is cute and has a straightforward personality. We look forward to seeing her do great things in the future.
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By momochan 2017/06/24 10:52 KST