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  • [Official] Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) and Jang Nara to co-star in the new TV series "The Royal Gambler"
[Official] Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) and Jang Nara to co-star in the new TV series "The Royal Gambler"
Actresses Jang Nara and CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa have confirmed their appearance in "The Royal Gambler".

KBS 2TV Wed-Thu TV Series "The Royal Gambler", scheduled to air for the first time in the first half of 2021, tells the story of a real estate agent who exterminates and cleans real estate infested with ghosts and dead people.

Above all, teaser is a rich story development of a reliable writer composed of Ha Suzy, who was a former member of the movie scenario writer and completed excellent character play through various works, Lee Yong Hwa, and Jung Young Seo. In addition, director Park Jin-suk, who showed excellent visual beauty such as "School 2017", "Naked Fireman", and "The Tale of the Book of Teachers", took over the production, and the life-oriented devil TV series that has never been seen before Is expected to be born sensuously.

In addition to this, Jang Nara and Yong Hwa are drawing attention to complete a "phantom lineup" that doubles the unique appeal of "The Royal Gambler." The two protagonists, who had already announced this at the "KBS Drama Awards" on December 31st last year, raised their expectations even more by appearing in real-time keywords even for short-term appearances and emerging as hot issues.

In particular, Jang Nara, who is acclaimed as an actor who shows a unique presence through various works such as "Go Back Couple," "The Last Empress," and "Oh My Baby," and "Love Package Tour" Yong Hwa, who has returned to the TV Series for the first time in four years since "The Best Love Starting in Paris", is getting interested because it is the first time to meet.

Jang Nara has taken on the role of Hong Jia, president and retired demon of The Royal Gambler. In the play, Hong Jia looks like a "perfect body" with a perfect look and a clear brain, but in reality, he has a bloody personality that his fist comes out before words, and he inherits the ability to defeat his mother.

Yong Hwa impersonates Oh Inbomb, a scammer who makes money by using ghosts, saying, "Where are ghosts in the world?" Oh Inbomb, played by Yong Hwa, has the best specs for fraudsters who can quickly determine the cause and effect, and even the subsequent predictions, with excellent observation and logic in any situation. Yong Hwa proves her acting ability by radiating various charms such as a warm handsome figure and a precise and computational figure dressed as Oh Inbomb.

The production side said, "'The Royal Gambler' will be a life-oriented TV series that thinks about people's various desires for homes and the conflicts caused by it," he said. "In the first half of this year, the stuffy stress was blown up at once. I would like a lot of interest in the slightly scary human TV series "The Royal Gambler". "

"The Royal Gambler" is scheduled to air for the first time in South Korea in the first half of 2021.

Published : 2021/01/13 17:33 KST

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