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D.O. : Latest News, Photos and Videos

It is revealed that the remake of the Taiwanese movie starring DO (EXO) & Won Jina "Secret" has cranked up on 1/21.

Donated 20 million won (about 1.94 million yen) to the Korean Childhood Cancer Foundation to commemorate the birthday of the DO (EXO) fan community. .. ..

It is reported that DO (EXO) was selected as the leading role in the new TV series "Serious Game". .. ..

When the support of actors Kim WooBin and DO (EXO) _ is too hot, it becomes Hot Topic. ..
● Support on Instagram almost every day.
● Today (7/28) posted a certified photo saying "When moving, the song of Do Kyung-soo". ..

DO (EXO) will release a solo album at the end of July. .. ..

DO (EXO) is preparing a solo album. "End of July" and SM Entertainment officially announced. .. ..

D.O (EXO), KOREAN ACTORS 200. A campaign to introduce 200 actors representing the present and future of Korean films to the world film industry.

DO (EXO), V LIVE saying hello to fans. "I'm planning a new song with a movie."

DO (EXO), today (25th) discharge. He has already confirmed his appearance in the new film "The Moon" directed by Kim Yong Hwa, and will co-star with actor Sol Kyung Gu (52). Scheduled to crank in in the first half. .. ..

D.O. (EXO) publishes recent photos on Instagram of the Military Manpower Administration. During the last vacation. Discharge on the 25th.