MMA2023 TOP10賞に「BTS」ソロメンバー、「(G)I-DLE」、「NewJeans」、イム・ヨンウンなど30組がノミネート!
30 groups are nominated for the MMA2023 TOP10 Award, including solo members of ”BTS”, ”(G)I-DLE”, ”NewJeans”, and Lim Young Woong!
Melon, the music platform of Kakao Entertainment (Representatives Lee Jin Soo and Kim Sung Su), was held at Inspire Arena in Incheon, South Korea on December 2nd.
The book includes the nomination line-up for the TOP 10 awards to select the artists who made this year shine at "MMA2023 (Melon Music Awards)", which will be broadcast live for free on ABEMA.
Published. There are a total of 30 artists nominated for the TOP10. It has been 10 years since their debut, including “(G)I-DLE” who caused a global syndrome with “Queencard”
Park JaeJung released his first official album in 2017, "BSS (SEVENTEEN)" set the record for the first K-POP unit debut, and "BSS (SEVENTEEN)" has been recording career highs one after another.
SEVENTEEN,” Lim Young Woong, who is gaining national popularity, and NCT, who showed their unique wild beauty in “Ay-Yo.”
127'', and ``NCT'', which uniquely remade the hit song ``Candy'' by ``HOT'' to match the group's colors.
DREAM” were among the names. As a solo artist, Jung Kook (JUNG
BTS members such as KOOK), Jimin, and SUGA were also included in the top 10. In addition, “VIBE (feat. Jimin
BIGBANG's Taeyang (SOL), who achieved a historic collaboration with Jimin in ``Of BTS'', and ``BLAC'', which gathered Hot Topics with the characteristic performance of ``FLOWER''.
KPINK” JISOO was included. In addition, “TOMORROW
TOGETHER'', ``aespa'', who achieved 1st place on the Melon chart TOP100 with ``Spicy'', ``Love''
AKMU, widely loved for their songs “Lee” and “Hopeless”
BIG proved its unchanging sound source power with “Romantic (feat. Lee Soo-hyun)”
Naughty (Seo Dong Hyun) was ranked in the top 10 candidates. Not only that, FIFTY achieved an unusual and miraculous reversal of the charts and attracted the attention of fans all over the world.
FIFTY,” “IVE,” which dominates the charts every time they make a comeback, and “LE,” which continues to stay in the charts for a long time supported by global popularity.
SSERAFIM” and “NewJeans” who quickly emerged as a top girl group after winning two titles at MMA2022 last year, and despite being newcomers, they have performed well in all aspects.
A 4th generation girl group that gathers hot topics such as "NMIXX" who has strong growth skills and "STAYC" who has received a hot response with their teen fresh concept.
Pu also appeared. Next, Lim Han-byul, who rose to the top of the Melon daily ballad chart with "Because I Don't Love You," responded to this song.
``Since I
Song Ha Yea of ``I knew you'', Shin Ye Young of ``Last Love'', which reinterpreted Park Ki Young's ballad, and reborn 4Men's music into his own style.
Woody's "Say I Love You" and Emerald are cited as men's favorite karaoke songs.
DK (December) of "Step" which is a remake of Castle's legendary masterpiece
) and many other remake songs have also been nominated and are attracting attention. MMA2023 TOP10 voting and attendance check event is open to all users who have Melon usage rights.
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