The cover of ``SEVENTEEN'' MIN-GYU's ``COSMOPOLITAN'' December issue has been released. His sculptural face looks great, and his refreshingly short hairstyle gives him a sturdy look.
MIN-GYU, who is showing off his slender body, is wearing jewelry and a watch, showing off his excellent visuals. At the filming location, the staff continued to praise MIN-GYU's visuals.
MIN-GYU began the interview by saying, ``There were a lot of more outrageous costumes than I expected, and we had a lot of fun filming.'' MIN-GYU commented on the comments from his personal performance video, ``There's no end to blessings'' and ``Slimming.''
When I told them, ``It's embarrassing, it makes me greedy. I want to build more muscles and lose weight.
When I asked him, ``Why did he become so small?'', he replied, ``No, it's completely big,'' but he said, ``I'm not satisfied with it.'' Why does MIN-GYU continue to exercise so much?
What is the power? MIN-GYU laughed and said, ``If you want to be loved by CARAT (fan club name), you have to work hard.''
Regarding his impressions of being the first K-POP artist to give a speech at the UNESCO Youth Forum, he said, ``I would like to give a speech at least once someday.
I was thinking about it, but now that I have to do it, I'm really nervous. I think this is the most stressful moment in my life. It's a burden, but I also have a great desire to do well. 『SEVEN
Since 2016, TEEN has continued to donate to various children and young people. I think we should talk about what kind of impact our activities have on young people."
I told you. Next, we asked him about his thoughts on having pre-ordered over 5.2 million copies of his 11th mini-album, making him the first Korean singer to sell over 5 million copies. ``I'm very happy, but numbers give me a sense of happiness.''
However, at the same time, I felt a greater burden. How high can we really rise? How much can you grow? But I have to go. I have to go further, unconditionally." min
Gyu described SEVENTEEN as a "dedicated group." “I don’t think there will be any difference between SEVENTEEN 10 years ago and SEVENTEEN 10 years from now.
A group that shines when there are 13 people on top of the group. I would be happy if 'SEVENTEEN' was always 'SEVENTEEN'.''
On the other hand, "COSMOPOLITAN", which features photos and interviews of "SEVENTEEN" MIN-GYU, is published in December.
The issue will be available for purchase at bookstores nationwide from November 22, 2023, and can also be found on the COSMOPOLITAN KOREA website and official SNS.
2023/11/16 06:35 KST
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