<Official Interview> Park Seo Jun is inspired by Lee Byung Hun's performance, co-star in ”Concrete Utopia”
The panic thriller "Concrete Utopia" starring Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Jun, and Park Bo Young is being released as a blockbuster on Friday, January 5, 2024. In an instant due to a major disaster
The capital, Seoul, was left in ruins. An entertainment masterpiece set in the only apartment building that did not collapse and depicts the struggle of the survivors gathered there! New talent who received high praise for “Hidden Time”
Under the direction of Uhm Tae-hwa, Lee Byung Hun, who is still remembered for his great performances in disaster blockbusters such as ``Emergency Declaration'' and ``The Great Eruption of Mt. Baekdu'', became a household name with ``Itaewon Class'' and ``Midnight Runners''.
In addition to Park Seo Jun, who is wildly popular in books, a gorgeous cast that represents the Korean entertainment world is gathered together, including Park Bo Young. At the 48th Toronto International Film Festival, "Parasite"
The film has been highly acclaimed by Screen Daily as "a masterpiece following ``The Semi-Underground Family,'' and is garnering worldwide expectations.
On X (formerly Twitter), people posted comments such as ``One of the best masterpieces of the year!'' ``People who have lost their reason are scary'' ``Lee Byung Hun's mysterious performance is amazing'' ``Extreme
It received rave reviews such as ``A movie that clearly shows what happens to people in the environment,'' ``A timeless work that shows the director's commitment throughout,'' and ``It's worth watching as it seems to tap into a deep part of human psychology.''
comments are being received. This time, we have received a comment from Park Seo Jun, who enthusiastically played the role of Min-sung, who is appointed as a crime prevention captain and struggles to protect his beloved wife despite his conflicts!
He won many film awards including the Newcomer Award for the movie "Midnight Runners" (17), and became popular after starring in the Netflix TV series "Itaewon Class" (20).
Park Seo Jun was announced. In addition, he made his Hollywood debut in Marvel Studios' work ``Marvels'' and has expanded his career as a top-class actor all over the world.
He told me the story behind the scenes. Q. Min Sung was a civil servant, but after he was appointed as the head of the crime prevention team, his personality gradually became distorted. What did you keep in mind when acting?
The character Min Sung appears to be an ordinary person, but in the second half of the movie, when his emotions are revealed and he changes, he becomes a character.
I thought it's okay to look too much, and it's also okay to look inadequate. When I watched the whole movie, I thought that Min Sung should not express extreme emotions, so I decided to find the line between them.
I was most careful. Therefore, I worked hard to find the appropriate emotional line while talking with the director, and I created each scene one by one, trusting the director's OK signal.
Q. The story depicts how the movie survives in a harsh environment. Please tell us about the behind-the-scenes story that you can tell now that it has been released!
The director valued the situation after Min Sung changed. Therefore, the pupils are small.
It seems that before the shoot, there was an opinion about wearing a lens that would give a clearer view. In the end, it was difficult to put on that lens, so he decided to believe in my acting, but he actually said that in that scene.
He said that my pupils were getting smaller. I didn't know it at the time, but when I heard about it later, I received some very nice compliments, and I still feel great about it.
This film is impressive as Yong Tak, played by Q.Lee Byung Hun, suddenly changes and reveals his true nature. How did you feel about acting together? While filming with my seniors, I learned not only about acting but also about sex on set.
I felt a lot of things when I saw Kett. What left an impression on me was that when I was looking at the monitor during filming, I saw the faces of my seniors that I was seeing for the first time. He has been acting for such a long time.
However, seeing that there are still new faces makes me think that I can continue to create new things throughout my career as an actor. Just by looking at you from the side, you can have a really positive influence.
I received it. Q.When you played the role of a married couple with Park Bo Young, please tell us about any particularly memorable episodes. There was a good atmosphere with Boyoung from the first shoot. each other
We took the photo shoot with plenty of time to get to know each other while talking casually, and even when we took the photo shoot with the props, it felt like we were having a date in a hot place that normal couples of the same age would visit.
I think I was able to get to know the sea urchins without any hesitation because I photographed them. The time the two spend in their ordinary lives, supporting and sharing each other's work, feels very comfortable, and this is their first collaboration together.
I think we got along well regardless. Q.This work is set in the middle of winter, but I heard that filming took place in the middle of summer! What was difficult during filming?
Tolerating the heat was a big challenge. The setting is an abandoned town in the middle of winter, so it's warm.
I had to wear a down jacket, but it was a really hot summer. However, my job requires me to act according to the situation, so I quickly accept the reality and do my best.
I tried my best to concentrate and take pictures (lol). Q. Please tell me your favorite scene. It's great that every scene has a meaning, but I hope the Japanese audience will also like it a little.
I would like to list some scenes that you can watch with peace of mind. At the beginning of the movie, there's a scene where I'm alone with Myung Hwa and we eat ``yellow peaches,'' and while I was watching the finished movie,
I thought that the ``yellow peach'' that they ate at that time symbolized the sweetness that Min Sung and Myung Hwa would never be able to experience again. I remember that scene now.
Q. You have appeared in many romance TV series and are called the “god of romantic comedies,” but you recently made your Hollywood debut and it seems like you are expanding your range of activities around the world. I'll try it in the future
What role do you want to play? I feel like I'm more attracted to new genres and roles that I haven't played before. I haven't decided on anything I want to try, but I'm always open to new challenges that I can take on.
This is Pun. Q. It will be released in Japan on January 5th, and I think for many people Concrete Utopia will be the first movie of 2024. So please tell us your aspirations for 2024!
First of all, I would be happy if the Japanese people loved our movie, and I would like to have time to meet all the fans in 2024. Last year was due to filming and promotion schedule.
I didn't have much time, but I hope to make the opportunity this year to spend time with my fans. Q.What message do you want to convey through this film?
I think it will be more interesting to watch if you focus on each character. This work depicts various human figures, and which character is your focus?
It's a movie that changes your perspective and interpretation depending on how you score. It covers a variety of themes, so after watching the movie, you can ask yourself, ``What would I have done if I were you?''
I think it's a movie that allows you to talk about various things. Park Seo Jun's performance was highly praised by the director, who said that her pupils naturally became smaller. He is such a talented actor.
The story is a powerful story woven by a gorgeous cast including Lee Byung Hun and Park Bo Young, and the cast and staff members shot scenes in the middle of winter in the middle of summer.
I hope you enjoy this work in theaters. “Concrete Utopia” Director: Uhm Tae-hwa Starring: Lee Byung Hun, Park Seo Jun, Park Bo Young, Kim SunYoung, Park
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