”IVE” Jang Won Young shows off the strongest ballet core look... CG-like beauty
Jang Won Young, a member of the group IVE, showed off his lovely visuals. On the 28th of this month, Jang Won Young posted a recent photo on his channel. Chan
・Wonyoung did not make any special comments on the photo. In the photo, Jang Won Young exudes a lovely atmosphere with her ballet core look. Jang Won Young has big eyes,
She boasts doll-like visuals with lips like Krumbo. Jang Won Young's beauty is at its peak. Meanwhile, the group "IVE" to which Jang Won Young belongs recently released the album "
I'VE MINE'' was released. ``I'VE MINE'' is an album that flexibly moves between unprecedented changes while preserving the unique colors that IVE has shown up until now.
2024/01/29 05:53 KST
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