Contains spoilers.

Park Min-yong enters the final stage of her "reversal of fortunes".

With only four episodes left of the TvN Monday-Tuesday drama 'Marry My Husband', all eyes are on Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young) and Yoo Ji-hyuk (Na In-woo) who are facing the biggest challenge of their lives for the second time, to see if they can succeed in shaping their destiny.

Earlier, Kang Ji-won said goodbye to Yoo Ji-hyuk with the appearance of Oh Yoo-ra (BoA). Although her love for Yoo Ji-hyuk did not change, she tried hard to forget him as it was against her beliefs to meet someone with whom she already had a committed relationship. However, Yoo Ji-hyuk prevented a dump truck from ramming into Kang Ji-won's car instead, causing an accident that shocked everyone.

In such a situation, an advance video of episode 13 revealed an audio mailbox message left by Yoo Ji-hyuk to Kang Ji-won just before the accident, which revealed the incident. He humbly accepted the fate of his own death 10 years ago by protecting the woman he loved instead of handing it over to someone else. However, Kang Ji-won, who has pioneered her own destiny through painstaking efforts, would never have accepted this. We can't wait to see Kang Ji-won's 'real' shaping of her destiny, as she throws herself into changing Yoo Ji-hyuk's destiny as well as her own.

Furthermore, Kang Ji-won blames herself for her suffering when she learns that the cancer she thought she could avoid and that her spouse's affair was all transferred to Yang Joo-ran (Kong Min-jung). Having experienced the same pain in her first life, Kang Ji-won could understand Yang Joo-ran's feelings better than anyone else and lent her a shoulder to cry on as much as she wanted. However, Kang Ji-won's character would never be satisfied here. She is curious to see what strategies she will use to change Yang Joo-ran's cruel fate.

Above all, Kang Ji-won is expected to be fully charged with venom when she realises the never-ending misdeeds of Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung) and Jung Soo-min (Song Ha-yun), who thought that their marriage had solved everything.

Park Min-hwan and Jung Soo-min are frustrated with feelings of betrayal, thinking that Kang Ji-won has abandoned them and switched to U&K successor Yoo Ji-hyuk, and are now trying to take Kang Ji-won down even more ruthlessly than before.

In response, Kang Ji-won plans to retaliate in a different way in order to hand over his remaining destiny, 'death', to them. In particular, Kang Ji-won has realised that they were behind the car accident that targeted her, and there is a lot of interest in how she feels about saving her own fate in the crisis.

Thus, expectations are high for Kang Ji-won's progress as she pioneers her life under the vow of 'not letting fate get the best of her' even in the face of the greatest crisis in her second life.

The story of Park Min-yong, who is also fighting against her fate in earnest, will continue in episode 13 of the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama Marry My Husband, which will be broadcast at 8:50pm on the 12th.

[13話予告FULL] 本格的に現れるナ・イヌの婚約者BoAの悪魔のような姿! #私の夫と結婚して EP.13
[13話予告FULL] 本格的に現れるナ・イヌの婚約者BoAの悪魔のような姿! #私の夫と結婚して EP.13

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