”aespa” KARINA seems to be the top girl group...her beauty and style are like AI
Girl group ``aespa'' KARINA showed off her unique beauty. On the 12th, "aespa" KARINA's personal SNS posted a comment saying, "I love Converse."
, several photos were posted. In the released photo, KARINA shows off her slender figure and is concentrating on the photo shoot.
KARINA captured attention with her visuals that are typical of an ``AI goddess.'' KARINA has excellent beauty with long hair and dark features
He was proud of his appearance. Also, when you see KARINA blowing bubble gum, you can feel the various charms of a mischievous child.
On the other hand, the group "aespa" to which KARINA belongs released their fourth mini-album "Drama" last year.
Much loved.
2024/02/13 06:36 KST
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