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  • Hangul: 카리나
  • Birthdate: 2000/4/11 (age 24)
  • Height/Weight: 168cm

KARINA (Korean: 카리나) is a singer. The genre of music is dance. The leader of "aespa" who is versatile in rap, dance, and vocals.
Born on April 11, 2000. Height: 168cm. Family: father, mother, sister. Korean management office: SM Entertainment (as of 2024). 2020
"aespa" 1st single "Black Mamba". Korean singer KARINA is the leader of "aespa". Real name is Yoo Jimin, "Karina" is Catholic
It was named after the baptismal name of Katarina. In 2016, he was scouted by SM Entertainment through a DM on Instagram and joined the agency as a trainee.November 1, 2020
On the 7th, he made his debut as a member of "aespa". He is not only a vocalist, but also has many talents such as rapping and dancing. .
Episode/Anecdote: In 2019, when he was a trainee, he appeared in TAEMIN's "WANT" MV and was a backup dancer.
- served as・On January 1, 2022, she became a member of the first unit "GOT the beat" of the girls unit project "Girls On Top".
・On February 27, 2024, she confirmed her relationship with actor Lee Jae Wook.・On April 2, 2024, she confirmed her breakup with actor Lee Jae Wook. .

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