「BTS(防弾少年団)」、 「Spring Day(春の日)」Melon日刊チャート7年連続“指定席”…累積ストリーミング歴代1位
”BTS”, ”Spring Day” Melon daily chart ”reserved seat” for 7 consecutive years...No. 1 in cumulative streaming history
BTS's ``Spring Day'' has been going on for seven years. "Spring Day" is the longest-running chart in the 20-year history of Melon, South Korea's largest music site.
A record is being updated. According to BIGHIT MUSIC on the 13th, BTS's "WINGS: You Never Walk"
The title song ``Spring Day'' of ``Alone'' has been on the Melon daily chart without missing a single day for seven years.
Since the sound source was released on February 13, 2017, it has been on the charts for seven consecutive years. Considering that more than 600,000 albums were released in the last year, it has been 7 years since the album was released.
The enduring popularity of “Spring Day” is astonishing. In addition, "Spring Day" has been played 969.3 million times on Melon as of 4 a.m. on the 13th, and the streamer on this site
The record for the number one song on the song is also being updated every minute and second. Melon will award the "Billion Bronze Club" badge to artists who have achieved a cumulative total of 1 billion streams of sound sources, but "BT
S” easily satisfies this condition with just “Spring Day.” Music experts attribute the warm message contained in “Spring Day” to its “long-running popularity.”
Listed below. "BTS", which debuted in 2013, drew sympathy from the youth of the same era through the School Series (School Trilogy) and the "HWA YANG YEON HWA" series, and released their 2nd full-length album in 2016.
They completed their growth story with the song ``WINGS'' and received a worldwide response. The following year's "WINGS: YOU NEVER WALK"
``ALONE'' was a message of comfort and hope to the hurt youth of this era. Especially the title song “Spring”
Day'' adds authenticity with lyrics that incorporate RM and SUGA's personal experiences. As we vow to meet again, and as we wait for the spring day to return after the end of the cold winter, we say, ``I'll stay.''
His words of hope comforted the hearts of many people. ``Spring Day'' was also the emotional title song that BTS performed for the first time. They previously said “No.
Songs featuring strong performances such as ``More Dream'', ``FIRE'', and ``Blood, Sweat, Tears'' were featured as album title songs.
``Spring'' is an alternative hip hop genre.
``Day'' succeeded in attracting fans' attention with an atmosphere that contradicts the existing title song. The lyrical melody gradually captivated the ears of many listeners. "Spring
With ``Day'' as their base, ``BTS'' has become an artist that encompasses all generations. RM said in an interview in the past, ``We and the public share a sense of contemporaneity.
I think we need to start talking about whatever topic is next to us right now.''
In this way, BTS' wish to ``create a song that will last a long time among Koreans'' became a reality.
It is a great sound that has more value than music, and it still remains with us.
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