”SEVENTEEN” MIN-GYU, ”Happiness with fans and on stage is the biggest driving force”...Appears on the cover of a fashion magazine
MIN-GYU of the boy group SEVENTEEN showed off his soft yet muscular charm. Fashion magazine “ARENA”
On the 15th, ``HOMME+'' (Arena Homme Plus) released the cover image of the March issue jointly created by MIN-GYU and Italian luxury brand Bvlgari.
did. In addition, "ARENA HOMME+" will give you a glimpse of the aftermath of the tvN variety show "Nana Tour with SEVENTEEN" and his thoughts as an artist.
We have introduced some of the content of the interviews that can be done. MIN-GYU said in an interview with "ARENA HOMME+", "'Nana Tour with SEVENTEEN
” viewers may have thought, ``Since it was filmed, there must have been some direction.'' However, there was no performance at all. Watching the show, not much
I thought that he had shown himself as he really was. It was such an easy-going, travel-like trip." Also, MIN-GYU is the biggest driving force behind releasing new albums every year.
He cited ``fans'' and ``happiness on stage.'' He said, ``It's hard every time I work on a song and practice.However, when that hard time is over and I stand on stage, the joy is many times greater.''
. I now feel the joy of showing a new side of myself to my fans." Lastly, in response to the question, ``What kind of image do you hope to see in 10 years?'', MIN-GYU replied, ``I don't think it's a specific genre or
It would be great if the first thing that comes to mind is the music video or on stage."
2024/02/15 11:43 KST
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