”BTS” V actively interacts with fans even during his military days... ”Charismatic & Sexy” photos released
V of the Korean boy group BTS communicated with fans even during the military period (a period of hiatus when activities were suspended due to enlistment in the military).
On the 15th, several photos were posted on V's personal SNS with the comment, ``It's a V cut.''
Through this post, V posted a behind-the-scenes pictorial (gravure) photo taken before enlisting.
Release. V's chic visual in the photo attracts attention. While V seemed to be holding a flower in his mouth, he overwhelmed the atmosphere with his charismatic gaze. V's unique deep gaze is attractive
Add. Meanwhile, V enlisted in December last year. Currently assigned to the Gangwon-do (Gangwon-do) Chuncheon (Chuncheon) Army Corps 2nd Corps Ssangyong (Ssangyong) unit, and is a military police special task force under the direct control of the headquarters.
He is currently serving his time. Prior to this, fans reported the news that he had gained 10 kg in two months after joining the military and called it Hot Topic.

2024/02/16 14:11 KST
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