”BTS” JIN, Argentine fan's Andean Patagonia ”Kim Seokjin” reforestation of forest...Practice of good influence
"BTS" JIN's Argentine fans visited the Andean Patagonian forest.
spread good influence for reforestation of the forest.
BTS' Argentinian fanbase Twitter account (@BTS_RioNegro)
In October last year, Jin, using his real name Kim Seok-jin, reported the news that he had planted 476 native trees in Ranin National Park and received a certificate from a forest protection organization in December.
The certificate states, ``'BTS RIO NEGRO' is Patagonia's Friends Association.
Association) and planted 476 native trees in Kim Seok-jin's name.
JIN plans to replant forests in the Andes and Patagonia and be reborn as the ``guardian of the forest.''
These trees are part of an ecosystem that will help us recover together."
"We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has donated their trees to a beautiful cause. We look forward to continuing to work with you on projects of this type.
I hope I can do it," he expressed his gratitude. The "BTS" global fan forest creation project for the global environment has been steadily implemented, and last year, JIN's large Chinese fan
Base (@ArmyJin_J1) has started the "Desert Edge Forest-Jin Forest" tree-planting program, China's first forestry project.
They donated a fund of 1,000 trees to the China Environment Foundation, planted trees in Inner Mongolia, and released the coordinates and intermediate steps on JIN's birthday.
JIN's Indonesian fans planted 124 abotado trees in Juruntiga Natural Park in Kalimantan to commemorate JIN's birthday on December 4th.
I planted a tree. The name of the forest was taken from JIN's song "Epiphany" and "Epi Fany Forest No. 2" was created.
``Forest No. 1'' was also designed to restore the ecosystem. ``Jin Forest,'' a fan in South Korea, also aims to conserve and increase biodiversity to help address the current environmental situation amidst the climate change crisis.
``Jin Forest'' was created by planting 10 seven-leaf trees near the Hangang Park event plaza in hopes of restoring the natural beauty of the Hangang River and reducing particulate matter.
Fans who have inherited JIN's values and positive influence on donations will become a model fandom culture, elevating their fan hearts to donations and taking the lead in creating a donation culture.
He is leading the way and setting an example.
2024/02/17 13:27 KST
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