K-dance specialty program “DNAcers” starring DARA (former2NE1) and Lee Ki Kwang (Highlight) will be premiered on the 26th
This will be the first Korean program to launch a major dance program. Top-class dancers representing K-POP and world-class dancers who are overwhelming the dance scene all over the world.
dancers will gather together in the "DNAcers: Global 'K-Dance' Project" (hereinafter referred to as DNAcers).
"DNAcers", which will be premiered on February 26th through TVING, features the main characters who have worked on K-POP choreography, and
It is a reality show where the world's top dancers who have dominated the dance scene all over the world gather to compete. K-POP top class dancers are the mecca of the show
He will go to Las Vegas, USA, and perform a street dance performance in a battle with local dancers. AIKI, Lip on a 10-day dance adventure
J, RIHEY, Harimu, etc. stand as the frontrunners among the K-dancers. Especially AIKI, Lip
J, RIHEY, and Harimu are dance survival program M that has hit home and abroad
She is also a popular protagonist who led a powerful K performance in the net ``STREET WOMAN FIGHTER'' and sent the nation into a dance craze.
For Korea's first global LUDANCE reality show, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation idols will join together to create a new history.
I will write. Starting with DARA (2NE1/Sandara Park) who dominated the K-POP scene, talented K-POs include Lee Ki Kwang (Highlight) and Lee Dae Hwi (AB6IX).
The P artists will act as MCs and managers while leading the program. “DNAcers” introduces the hidden secrets of the K-POP success myth to addictive
A mega-scale dance that has never been experienced before, including a strong K-dance performance, will be held in the fantasy city of Las Vegas. Not only famous dancers, but also an intense selection process
Ordinary dancers who have passed through the program will also join in, bringing explosive energy and passion, and it is expected to be a global performance that has never been seen anywhere before.
. In particular, the dancers' challenges, setbacks, and success processes are expected to arouse deep sympathy from viewers.
"DNAcers" is "Hip Hop Ethnicity 1, 2", "Begin"
Again 2, 3", "Your Song", "FLY TO THE DANCE", "Begin Again Korea", "Paradon Bada
Song Gu, who is known as a K culture craftsman, has directed Hot Topic programs such as ``Live Bar with a Sea View'' and ``Who is the Real Thing! ~ HIDDEN SINGER 3 and 4''.
Producer Hwang Jung will be in charge of the production and is expected to raise the appeal and status of K-dance to its maximum value.
Meanwhile, the first and second EPs of ``DNAcers'' will be released consecutively on February 26th through TVING. EP1 will be released every Monday
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