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Lee Dae Hwi(AB6IX)


  • Hangul: 이대휘
  • Birthdate: 2001/1/29 (age 23)
  • Height/Weight: 172cm/53kg

Lee Dae Hwi (Korean: 이대휘) is an entertainer and singer. Music genres are dance and pop. From "PRODUCE101" Season 2, "Wanna
Selected as "One" member! . Born on January 29, 2001. Height: 172 cm. Weight: 53kg. Korean management office: Brand New
Music (as of 2023). 2017 "Energetic". Representative work: [Music] "Wanna
One: 2017 Energetic, Burn It Up, Wanna
Be”, “Beautiful”, and 2018’s “Spring Breeze”. Activities as "AB6IX" are omitted.
[TV program] "Visiting teacher" (Mnet/2018)
[TV Series] "I don't need love" (22/ENA).
Lee Dae Hwi is a male singer from South Korea. A member of the group "WANNA ONE".
In 2017, they appeared in the audition program "PRODUCE101" season 2 broadcasted on Mnet in Korea, and formed with 11 members who were finally selected from 101 trainees.
Debuted as a member of the idol group "WANNA ONE". In addition to writing lyrics and composing, he is also skilled as a producer.
After finishing the last concert of "WANNA ONE" at the end of January 2019, they will be active as "BRANDNEWBOYS".
Debuted as "AB6IX" in 2019. .

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