BAEK HYUN(EXO)、単独コンサート「Lonsdaleite」全席完売…ソロチケットパワー立証
BAEK HYUN (EXO), solo concert “Lonsdaleite” all seats sold out… Proving the power of solo tickets
BAEK HYUN, a member of the boy group EXO and solo artist, demonstrated his ticket power. BAEK
HYUN's 2024 Solo Concert "Lonsdaleite" will be held on the 20th at 8 pm on the online advance sale site Melon
All seats were sold out on the same day that general advance sales began through Ticket. "Lonsdaleite" is BAEK
This is HYUN's first offline solo concert, and it has been attracting a lot of attention since the announcement of the event.
Following the group performance with EXO, BAEK HYUN also proved his unrivaled ticket power as a solo performer at KSPO DOME, a major concert hall in Korea.
In order to meet the expectations of global fans, BAEK HYUN is working hard to produce performances that are better than the 'best'. In contrast, BAEK as a solo artist
It is expected that we will be able to see all of HYUN's strengths and new form. This year, BAEK HYUN has launched an independent label, INB100 (I&B100), and is making a comeback through active performance activities.
He actively interacts with fans. The 2024 Exclusive Fan Meeting “SNACK” was held 7 times in Seoul, Gwangju, and Busan in advance.
PARTY" held a national tour and attracted Hot Topic with special fan love.
This time, "Lonsdaleite" will be held as an Asian tour. BAEK
HYUN will be performing at SeoulKSPO DOME on March 16th and 17th, followed by Tokyo, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Manila, Chiba, Fukuoka, Taipei, Kobe, Sendai, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.
will visit 13 cities in Asia. Meanwhile, 2024 BAEK HYUN Asia Tour “Lonsdaleite” in
SEOUL” will be held at Seoul Olympic Park KSPO on March 16th at 6pm and March 17th at 4pm.
It will be held at DOME.
2024/02/21 07:51 KST
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