「LUCY」シン・イェチャン、IU(アイユー)「I stan U」にバイオリンセッションで参加
”LUCY” Shin Ye Chan participates in violin session with IU ”I stan U”
Shin Ye-chan, a member of the Korean band ``LUCY'', contributed to singer IU's new album. Shin Ye Chan is a member of IU's 6th mini album "T", which was released on the 20th.
I participated in the violin session for the record song ``I stan U'' of ``He Winning''. “I stan U” is a song for which IU wrote the lyrics directly. Shin Ye's sensual lyrics
The addition of Chan's charming violin performance further doubled the immersion of the song. Shin Ye Chan has often mentioned IU as an artist he would like to collaborate with at showcases etc.
Since he has expressed that he is a fan, participating in this session is even more special. Shin Ye-chan is the management office of MYSTIC
Through STORY, he said, ``I'm very honored to be able to be of some help to the work of IU, a senior I always respect.
I tried my best not to cause any inconvenience, so I hope as many people as possible can listen to it and enjoy it.'' Shin Yechi, the group leader and violinist
Yang is a member who adds color unique to LUCY. Shin Ye-chan's stringed instrument sound, which is differentiated from traditional band compositions, is one of the signatures of "LUCY".
It is. Through his solo concerts, Shin Ye-chan performed Paganini's ``Caprice No. 24'' and put on an eyepatch performance, presenting a unique stage every time.
It gives you the pleasure of seeing beyond just listening.
2024/02/21 12:25 KST
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