Actress Park Min Young was still alive and well. In the TV Series, he changed his fate and had a happy ending, and outside of the TV Series, he overcame the issue of his former boyfriend and showed his presence as an actor again and made a new appearance.
It has reached its heyday. "Marry My Husband," which ended on the 20th, is about Kang Ji-won (Park Min Young), who was killed on the day she witnessed her husband's affair with her best friend, and goes back 10 years to start a second life.
This is a full-fledged destiny development TV series where you live your life and get revenge on them with a quagmire of fate. ``Marry my husband'' includes ``High Kick!'', ``Tokimeki Sungkyunkwan Scandal'', and ``Healer''.
Hot Topic is the new work of Park Min Young, who rose to become a Hallyu star with hits such as ``The Best Lover'', ``What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?'' and ``People at the Japan Meteorological Agency: Office Love Is Unpredictable?!'' gather
Ta. Especially since Park Min Young returned after suspicions that she received financial support from her former boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun, there was a lot of interest in what kind of acting Park Min Young would show.
At a production presentation to introduce the TV series, Park Min Young said, ``I regret it every day,'' and promised, ``This will never happen again.'' Also, ``When I did an EEG test at a psychiatrist, I felt guilty.''
``That time really made me think about what my real job is and when I'm happiest, and I didn't want to just act on set like I used to.'' of
I think I've learned that I can live my life at its most beautiful and shining when I'm happy, and I'm accepting everything.''
As Park Min Young realized at that time, he focused on acting. Numerous works and diverse
She has led the popularity of the TV series by portraying characters three-dimensionally, so this time too she lost weight to 37kg to play a cancer patient, devoting herself both internally and externally. The main character's setting goes back 10 years.
Not only did he make external changes to clearly express his feelings, but he also made changes in his acting to enhance the completeness of the play.
The more the exhilarating development of “Marry My Husband” continues, the more viewers are interested.
wait. It started with an audience rating of 5.2% and rose to 12%, ranking first in the average audience ratings of tvN's Mon-Tue TV Series.
It also captured the Hot Topic nature. Ranked #1 in TV-OTT overall Hot Topic and Actor Hot Topic for 7 consecutive weeks.
It recorded the first place in the target audience ratings of all channels including terrestrial TV, showing its potential to attract 2,049 viewers of both genders to the TV. Amazon Prime, a global OTT
It has ranked first in Muvideo's global daily ranking of TV shows twice, and has reached the highest ranking of second in the monthly ranking, rewriting the history of Korean TV series.
``Marry My Husband'' is even more meaningful because it is an achievement achieved in a situation where the TV Series crisis was posed. This is the result of acting as my main job.
We are looking forward to seeing Park Min Young's real work in the future.
2024/02/21 18:23 KST
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