「PRODUCE X 101」出身俳優ソンテ、BLドラマ「ジャズのように」キャスティング…学園ロマンスに挑戦
'PRODUCEX101' actor Song Tae, BLTV Series 'Like Jazz' casting...Challenge school romance
Actor Sung Tae from "PRODUCEX 101" will appear in the BL (Boys Love) TV series "Like Jazz," which is based on a popular web comic.
The TV series "Jazz no Yoni" scheduled to be released in March is based on the popular web manga of the same name that was the most viewed BL web manga when it was serialized in 2017.
This is a TV series based on a picture, and it is a school romance that tells the story of five art high school students who are suffering from their own suffering and oppression, and how they grow and find themselves through love and music.
In addition, we will discuss the casting news of youth stars such as Ji Ho-geun, Jin-kwon of "Newkidd", Han-gyeom of "OMEGA X", and Kim Jeong-ha.
I'm collecting topics. Song Tae will be joining the cast as Han Tae Joon and will be showing off his brotherly chemistry with Ji Ho Geun. Tae-joon (Sung-tae) is a piano major, and Han Tae-i (Ji Ho-gu)
He is N's older brother. Starting with the web TV series, Songtae has appeared in the TV series ``Sea Town Cha Cha Cha'', the web TV series ``Happy Merry Ending'', and the Korean remake TV series ``Tell Me I Love You'', etc.
gained popularity through Songtae will also appear on the KBS2TV series "Let's grab your chest once."
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