EXO's XIUMIN selected as exclusive MC for KBS boy group survival show ”MA1”
XIUMIN (XIUMIN), a member of the boy group "EXO" and a solo artist, will appear on "MA1" as an exclusive MC.
On the 29th, management office INB100 announced, ``XIUMIN will be participating in the KBS Global Idol Debut Project ``MAKE MATE''.
1'' (hereinafter referred to as MA1) as an exclusive MC.'' "MA1" is a boys' group that depicts the process of 36 ordinary everyday boys running towards their dreams of becoming idols.
It's a loop survival show. XIUMIN will serve as an Exclusive MC for the first time since his debut, and will play a variety of roles not only as the host, but also as a reassuring mentor and role model for the participants.
XIUMIN is a member of EXO, a boy group that represents K-Pop, and is active in various fields as a solo singer, actor, and all-around entertainer. Special
On stage, he captures the hearts of fans with his solid ability and unique stage manners, and off stage, he conveys his positive influence with his heartfelt love for fans.
This time, in 'MA1', XIUMIN will not only be active as an artist, but also convey genuine empathy and realistic advice. XIUMI
N's support fire raises expectations for MA1. Regarding this, XIUMIN said, ``I was just an ordinary, everyday boy who had never tried dancing until my third year of high school.
Having spent my time as a trainee, I know how difficult it is to make a debut, so I want to be of great help to the 36 participants so that they can grow on MA1. Participants create their own dreams
I ask for your continued encouragement and support in the process of making this a reality." Meanwhile, KBS Global Idol Debut Project "MA1", in which XIUMIN serves as Exclusive MC, will begin in May.
It's scheduled to be broadcast. In addition, on the 23rd, XIUMIN successfully completed the Exclusive Fan Meeting ``FROZEN TIME'' to commemorate his birthday. Subsequently, through global OTT within the year.
He will appear as the main character Heo Kyun in the new TV series ``Heo Restaurant'' that will be released.
2024/03/29 11:40 KST
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