”BTS” RM continues his ”love of art” even after joining the military... Spends his holidays at art museums
RM, a member of BTS who is famous for being an art lover, expressed his unchanging love of art even after enlisting in the military. According to the art world on the 1st, he enlisted in December last year and is currently serving in the military band.
RM, who was on duty the other day, posted 10 photos on Instagram to update him on his current situation. The photos he posted included photos of the Seolul Museum of Art in Gangneung, which opened in January, and the Seoul Art Museum, which opened on February 28th.
People were busy viewing the Philippe Parreno exhibition at the Tarin Museum, the Kim Yun-shin solo exhibition at the Kukje Gallery, and the Buddhist art exhibition at the Hoam Museum of Art that began last month.
The photo that RM posted on Instagram for the first time in about two months has received over 4.85 million likes. Even before his enlistment, RM was seen visiting museums and galleries and looking at exhibits.
He posted the photos he took and collected hot topics. Among his fans, the "RM Tour" became popular, where fans would visit the exhibition halls he had visited.
RM is also well known as an art collector, and his collection often appears in art exhibitions.
Jang Wook-jin's solo exhibition held at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Deoksugung branch in February included six pieces from RM's collection.
In April, RM's collection1 will be included in the solo exhibition of Yoo YONG GUK to be held in Venice, Italy.
The points will be put up for sale.

2024/04/01 16:10 KST
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