「IVE」、4月29日ニューアルバム「IVE SWITCH」発売‥「SEVENTEEN」「RIIZE」とカムバック対決!
IVE to release new album IVE SWITCH on April 29th...comeback showdown with SEVENTEEN and RIIZE!
Girl group IVE will join the group for a comeback showdown in April. On the 29th of this month, "IVE" released their 2nd mini album "IVE"
SWITCH” is released. It's been about 6 months since their first mini album ``I'VE MINE'' was released in October last year.
Expectations are high for IVE's comeback. “IVE” is a “sound source powerhouse” in both name and reality. Since their debut in 2022, they have never missed the top spot on music charts.
In particular, the title song "I've IVE" from the first full-length album "I've IVE" released last year.
Starting with ``AM'' and ``Kitsch,'' ``Baddie,'' which was released in the same year, also received great love. "IVE"
Not only did it become a million-seller, but it also achieved good results in the Music Program. Expectations are high for the group as they are one of the most powerful members of the 4th generation girl group.
On the 3rd of this month, IVE released the coming soon video of IVE SWITCH through their official SNS. Six jewels come together to become one key, mysterious
It creates a great atmosphere. All eyes are on what the concept of ``IVE'' is this time, and whether it will once again reach the top of the music charts.
The 29th, when IVE makes a comeback, is also the day SEVENTEEN makes a comeback. "SEVENTEEN" will be held at Best Store on the same day.
Rubum "17 IS RIGHT HERE" is released. SEVENTEEN looks back on the past nine years through their best album. This album includes “SEVENTEE”
It includes everything from the debut song of ``N'' to their recent song ``God of Music.'' On the same day, "RIIZE" also released a new album ahead of their first mini-album "RIIZING" to be released in June.
Three songs are scheduled to be released one after another. In addition, “TOMORROW
Various groups such as ``TOGETHER'', ``ONF'', ``BOYNEXTDOOR'', etc.
The group is preparing for their comeback in April, and we are looking forward to their April comeback showdown.
2024/04/04 17:51 KST
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