Moon Joon-young (former ZE:A) is in trouble after taking a strong stance against rumors by involving the late actor Lee Sun Kyun.
Junyoung recently said, "From now on, I will only tell the truth. I want to live a normal, ordinary life.
A young couple is in the process of becoming a couple," he said, adding, "We have now filed a lawsuit against the high school student who spread the false information without permission."
He continued, "Even now, I have many worries because I'm a young student.
As I said above, the content being spread in anonymous communities is not fact, it is a false fact, and posts containing false facts are being spread indiscriminately."
He added, "I, Moon Joon Young, am extremely upset about this situation. My first job was to be in an idol group, and we were a nine-member group, and my birthday is in September.
"These are the facts," he said, "We will implement the principle of zero tolerance against malicious posts, the spread of false facts, and anonymous communities that contain personal IDs and posts on the Internet."
"At this stage, there are unconfirmed photos and comments being posted about the marriage article that includes the word Moon Joon Young.
"When this article was first published, unauthorized posts were made without the consent of the parties involved, and we will inform you of the measures we will take when they are distributed," he said. "In this situation where everyone thinks it's just gossip,
We would like to inform you that all unconfirmed facts and highly anonymous communities are being monitored, and we ask for your kind cooperation."
Later, in the process of explaining his position again, Junyoung mentioned the late Lee Sun Kyun and said, "In our country, we have a criminal code of conduct that prohibits the execution of a crime under Article 307, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.
Even if the content is actually true, if the reputation is damaged, the poster can be punished.
Even if it doesn't go that far, if false information is spread with the clear intent of slander, this will be punishable as obstruction of business," he emphasized.
However, some have pointed out that the show has gone too far by featuring the late Lee Sun Kyun.
Some people defended him, saying it was understandable that he was trying to express the pain he felt, but the comments were met with mixed reactions. Meanwhile, Junyoung announced that he plans to get married in September of this year.

2024/04/09 19:48 KST
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