BLACKPINK's JISOO earns huge profits with 5 million YouTube subscribers... ”praised” for donating all the money
BLACKPINK member JISOO's YouTube channel "Happiness Index Jisoo (Korean pronunciation of the index) 103%" has surpassed 5 million subscribers, and JISOO's YouTube income has increased 1.
JISOO launched her own YouTube channel on her birthday (January 3rd) in 2023 and achieved 1 million subscribers within 10 hours.
It has been over a year since the site opened and began generating a steady income.
Normally, a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers earns more than 40 million won (about 4.3 million yen) a month.
Taking this into consideration, the amount of donations made by JISOO, which has now surpassed 5 million subscribers, is estimated to be enormous, and it is expected that the amount of donations will continue to increase in the future.
In the video that JISOO uploaded for the first time, they said, "All of the profits from the YouTube channel will be donated to those in need," and "Everyone's Happiness Index (JISOO)
I hope it will rise even higher." Recently, it was reported that JISOO donated all of their profits as promised. According to the entertainment industry, JISOO is an international children's rights NGO.
The donation was used for a mangrove reforestation project in Ca Mau Province, Vietnam.
JISOO's "generous donation" has been met with praise. Entertainment agencies use the earnings from YouTube and other social media accounts where celebrities appear as a meaningful source of income.
However, JISOO donated all of this money and received praise. Meanwhile, JISOO recently established a label called "BLISSOO," announcing her independence.
He has also recently been confirmed to appear in the film "From the Point of View of an Omniscient Reader" and the TV series "Influenza."
2024/04/14 07:56 KST
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