JENNIE(BLACKPINK) 、” 最もJENNIEらしい”画報公開…神秘的な夢幻美と圧倒的オーラ
JENNIE, ”The most JENNIE-like” released pictures... Mysterious dreamy beauty and overwhelming aura
Jennie of the group "BLACKPINK" exudes an overwhelming aura through her pictorial. Magazine VOGUE
The Korean side recently said, "JENNIE is as close to transparent as possible."
He continued, "The look contains the energy of midday sunlight and the refreshing coolness of an early summer night.
"This is the most Jennie-like face of the recently renamed Jennie," she added. Jennie did a photoshoot for the May issue of Vogue Korea.
In the pictorial, Jennie boasts a mysterious and dreamy beauty with her wet-looking hair, captivating viewers.
Meanwhile, JENNIE became a regular on the tvN variety show "Apartment 404" this year.
"Apartment 404" is a familiar space for the six residents, Yoo Jae-seok, Cha Tae Hyeong, Oh Na Ra, Yang Se-chan, Jennie, and Lee Jung-ha.
The story is set in an apartment where the protagonist lives and travels between different years and times, making it Korea's first time-and-space-transcending true mystery drama.

2024/04/16 15:14 KST
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