*This contains spoilers and synopsis. *There is a making-of video on the Wowkorea page. From the beginning of the video to 2:24.
This time, we start with the scene where Jungwoo cooks. Park Hyungsik is cutting vegetables while being instructed before filming.
"It's delicious," he says as the time comes for the actual cooking. After the carrots comes the onion. "Oh, it's delicious," says the director. Ha-Neul is sitting next to him, watching. This is the rehearsal of the scene in which Ha-Neul comes into the kitchen while the director is cooking.
The two of them then rehearse with the staff, laughing. After the cooking scene, they move on to the eating scene. Park Sin Hye is impressed by the food that has been laid out. The staff
Then the rehearsal began. "I'm feeling a bit tired..." Park Hyungsik said, breathing heavily. The eating scene was to be ad-libbed by the two. "I wonder if Haneul's narration will come in here.
"The two of them eat and talk, and the scene is improvised. But it was okay after one take. ●Reactions from Korean netizens● "The chemistry between the two is the best"
"I always looked forward to watching it." "I don't want it to end." "I wonder if they'll work together again." ●Synopsis●
"Doctor Slump" EP13 (viewer rating 5.3%) is about Dr. Haneul (Park Sin Hye) and his feelings for her.
The story depicts Jung-woo (Park Hyung-sik) who is in a hospital with his family. Hearing the news that Ha-neul, who was hit by a car, is undergoing emergency surgery, Jung-woo and his family rush to the hospital.
Even after the procedure was over, Haneul was unable to open her eyes, and asked her doctor, who she knew, "They said it was just a simple concussion, so why is she unconscious?" Jungwoo replied, "Let's wait a little longer."
Jung-woo, who only hoped that Ha-neul would wake up, said, "I don't know exactly what it means to love someone, but I want to love her."
"It was a love that was so precise. It was a love that went beyond friendship or lover or anything like that." "I'm sorry, I worried you so much, didn't I?" Ha-neul said, and Jung-woo replied, "I love you, Ha-neul."
Null," he replied.


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